Arden2 was founded in 1996 by a group of Eastern European free thinkers, artists and creative kleptomaniacs living in the greater Los Angeles area. We had come from diverse backgrounds and found our artistic asylum in Southern California. The name we chose for ourselves -Arden2- is not a coincidence. It evokes the Shakespearian magical forest Arden. That magical holy wood of Arden, the oasis of arts, is meant to enhance the world around it through exchange and dialogue in theater, film, art and architecture. 
Arden2 also connects us to another "Arden", an art colony established in Orange County at the end of the 19th century by Helena Modjeska, a legendary Polish actress. Modjeska's Arden was a creative commune and we too find it important to identify ourselves with actions that are utopian and strive to shelter independent creative expression.


We are an organization "for cultural profit"- open for dialogue about the present role of the theater and, more broadly, of art in contemporary society. Our primary interest lies in creating situations that stimulate interaction in theater and allied disciplines. We search for creative practice that appeals to the contemporary audience and reflects the cultural and geopolitical fabric of our society. We believe that in a commercial society, artists must claim their own language, their own significance, their own space. There is a need to educate and shape the perception of the audiences, to restore the legitimacy of art as an important counterpart to commerce, science and politics. Without art there is no connection between the reason and the spiritual, imaginative and emotional realms of our existence. Arden2 collaborates with artists that are willing to take risks but who can offer valuable comment on human condition of our times; artists who would create a charged alternative to the language and values of prevailing consumptive reality. Our goal is to provide opportunities of encounter and cross-pollination between expression and form makers from diverse backgrounds, continents, and "schools of thinking". We believe in protecting humanistic expression of creative exchange and working towards its future survival.


Jan-Feb.'97 two shows with THEATER KANA of Poland at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, The Pomona College, SDSU and Orange County Museum of Art. June '97 The Feast at Countess Kotlubay by Witold Gombrowicz for the Drama Department at UCLA. Participation in the 3rd International Gombrowicz Festival in Radom, Poland. October'97 Visit of an innovative Swedish director, Jurek Sawka of Theatre Replica from Stockholm - a series of lectures and video presentations on the situation of Contemporary European Theater both at UCLA and at the San Diego State University. April'98 International Milosz Festival at the Claremont College to celebrate the Polish Nobel Prize winner. October '98- publication of a paper on the contemporary theater in Los Angeles in a Polish Cultural Monthly: Tygiel Kultury. March and April '2000- FERDYDURKE of Theater Provisorium and Kompania Teatr of Lublin , Poland at City Garage in Santa Monica and SDSU, UCLA and Pomona College.